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Clay Travis: 'Deshaun Watson's Football Career Could Be Over'

Clay Travis: “I gotta be honest with you. All of this evidence that is out there – I would put the chances that Deshaun Watson plays a full season of football anywhere in 2021 at virtually zero. I think it’s possible that Deshaun Watson may not play football again for years. It’s even possible that Deshaun Watson’s football career could be over. That’s how significant all of these allegations are, and frankly, I’m kind of blown away that more people in my industry aren’t talking about these because I don’t think we’ve ever seen a player as good as Deshaun Watson facing criminal charges potentially, and at a minimum, 14 sexual assault charges in a civil context. I can’t remember a player who was as good as Deshaun Watson ever facing this many serious charges… Most of the athletes who have gotten in trouble, by and large, none of them have had this many different accusers that are involved than Deshaun Watson does right now, and none of them have been at the apex of their athletic ability, and certainly, none of them have been a quarterback who had just signed a $160 million extension. This is unheard of, it is unprecedented, and it is a story that I believe is going to continue to build, and at this point, you have to say ‘where does this end??’ If we’re already talking about 14 women alleging sexual assault against Deshaun Watson, how many more are there going to be?? It makes it really hard to argue in any way that this is a ‘he said/she said’ kind of scenario… At this point in my mind, there is virtually no way that Deshaun Watson is going to be able to play a full 2021 football season for anyone. At a minimum, just based on all these allegations and the precedent that the NFL has set over the years, he’s going to end up suspended for at least some games, and that is the best-case scenario for Deshaun Watson. He might not be able to play, and be facing severe criminal censure.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis discuss the developing Deshaun Watson fallout, and why he believes we may be witnessing one of the most unprecedented and profound scandals in the history of sports.

Check out the video above as Clay details the dire suspension scenarios that Watson could be facing, even in a best-case scenario of no criminal charges ever being filed.

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