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Clay Travis: 'Woke All-Stars' in Sports Media Are Protecting Deshaun Watson

Clay Travis: “The ‘Woke’ universe of sports media are not saying anything at all about the 14 women who have filed lawsuits, or the 24 women who have accused Deshaun Watson of sexual assault. Do you not ‘#BelieveAllWomen’?? What is going on here that Brett Kavanaugh has one accuser and everybody decides that he’s guilty and you have to #BelieveAllWomen’, and there’s borderline mobs running throughout the Capitol comforting senators over how they are going to vote on this nomination, and meanwhile we have a ton of minority women accusing Deshaun Watson, a $100 million athlete at the supreme height of power, of sexually assaulting them, and these same people –– these woke All-Stars –– have gone completely mute. They’re not saying anything about these allegations at all. The reason is pretty straightforward. All these woke sports media all-stars are ultimately capitalists. They claim they are standing on the side of social justice, and that they want to be on the right side of history, but when you have to decide which side I am going to take – the 14 or 24 women who are alleging sexual assault, who have no power and are mostly minorities, or the Black quarterback who is at the apex of the sports victimization pyramid? They can’t choose because if they do, they alienate one side or the other. By not choosing, they are actually taking a side and coming down on the side of Deshaun Watson because they are afraid of losing their woke bonafides by lining up against a Black quarterback.” (Full Video Above)

Clay Travis called out individuals of the ‘woke’ sports media who have seemingly stayed quiet on the developing Deshaun Watson case involving a mounting number of sexual assault allegations -- currently sitting at 24 accusers and 14 lawsuits.

Check out the video above as Clay details the discrepancies in the media coverage of Brett Kavanaugh vs. Deshaun Watson, and how the ‘#BelieveAllWomen’ moniker has apparently been put on the backburner.

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