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Lawyer Gives Legal Advice to Deshaun Watson Amid Sexual Assault Saga

Clay Travis: “If I were representing Deshaun Watson here is what I would be trying to do… First of all, I would refuse to cooperate with the NFL and their personal conduct policy investigation. I wouldn’t allow Deshaun to speak to anyone at the NFL, and I wouldn’t respond to any of their questions. I don’t want to provide either a written, oral, video statement, or ANYTHING that could be used against my client in a civil or criminal lawsuit. I would be stunned if Rusty Hardin is allowing Deshaun Watson to talk to anyone at the NFL about their investigation. I would privately call Tony Buzbee, and I bet Rusty Hardin and Tony Buzbee know each other as these big showmen Texas lawyers, and I would say ‘what’s it going to cost for us to settle all of these lawsuits that you have brought?'… The 14 sexual assault allegations out there are so severe that if I’m advising Deshaun Watson I’m saying “man, we gotta settle these cases, and end this ‘drip, drip, drip’ trying to destroy your reputation.” That flies in the face of what Deshaun Watson said last week when he basically said ‘I’ve never done anything wrong to women…’ I understand that argument, but you’ve got 14 cases filed against you right now, and allegedly 24 different women who have come forward and said you sexually assaulted them during massages… It might cost you $10 million but you need to settle these cases, because if you settle these cases hopefully you will avoid any criminal liability because very often with these women and these lawsuits, if they file the civil case first, if you settle the civil case they won’t cooperate with the criminal case and then you don’t have to worry about jail time. I would also tell him ‘dude, you’re NEVER getting another massage for the rest of your life. You are only going to use the Houston Texans certified masseuses and doing it with other witnesses present.’ As soon as we settle the cases, we then pivot back to the NFL once we have it confirmed that there’s not going to be any criminal charges, and I say ‘we will now cooperate with your investigation, we are acknowledging that some of these women might have at times felt like my client made them uncomfortable. We maintain he never did anything of a criminal nature. We may understand that they may have different opinions and we expect a suspension. We still serve a six or an eight-game suspension, and that will resolve this situation going forward.’ That would be my advice if I were Deshaun Watson’s attorney.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis, a licensed lawyer U.S. Virgin Islands and Tennessee, discuss the developing sexual assault allegations against Deshaun Watson, and devise a legal plan in Watson’s defense if Clay was representing the Houston Texans quarterback.

Check out the video above as Clay lays out the steps that Watson and his defense team should take for Watson to avoid the catastrophic consequences that may hang in the balance if the accusations hold any truth.

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