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How Deshaun Watson's Legal Team Should Be Defending His Sexual Assault Case

How Deshaun Watson's Legal Team Should Be Defending His Sexual Assault Case
Clay Travis: “It may be that some of these women, it often is, do not have as strong of a case as others, and the best defense strategy that you can employ is to find the weakest case and tear it apart, and delegitimize that claim in an effort to try and delegitimize ALL of the claims. That’s often what happens in the defense strategy. You can’t say that all 14, 15, 24, whatever the total number of women is going to end up being, you can’t say that ALL of those women are lying, but if you can find one case that doesn’t add up, and you can put it out into the public arena as a falsehood, then it gives you the opportunity to impute dishonesty on other cases, even if that might not be the case. That is a strong defense strategy.” (Audio Above, Entire Segment at Bottom of Page )

Listen to Clay Travis, a licensed lawyer in Tennessee and the U.S. Virgin Islands, discuss the developing sexual assault allegations against Deshaun Watson, and focus on what he would do in the legal defense team if he were the attorney representing Watson.

Check out the audio above and the video below as Clay maps out a plan that he believes would be the best route for the defense to take in what could turn out to be one of the biggest stories in NFL history.

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