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Colin Cowherd: Frank Gore is Not a Hall of Famer

Colin Cowherd: Frank Gore is Not a Hall of Famer
Colin Cowherd: “I’m going to get pushback but ‘CANT-OUT.’ In 16 NFL years Frank Gore finished top 5 in the league in rushing ONE time. He’s a ‘compiler.’ He played in a bunch of NFL games. Dentists could go to work every day, but if I come out and my teeth still hurt you’re not a great dentist.” (Full Video Above)

Colin Cowherd was doing a segment called ‘CANT-IN or ‘CANT-OUT?’ where Colin predicts what prominent NFL player he thinks would make the Hall of Fame TODAY if they retired like Julian Edelman.

Colin’s most notable ‘CAN’T-OUT’ for a guy he doesn’t think will ever be enshrined in Canton, OH is running back Frank Gore, who ranks third all-time in rushing yards.

Despite hitting exactly 16,000 yards for his career, behind only Emmitt Smith (18,355) and Walter Payton (16,726), making five Pro Bowls, and one second-team All-Pro, Colin pointed out that Gore ranked top 5 in rushing just once in a single season during his 16 years in the NFL.

Check out the audio above and check out the FULL segment below.

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