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Colin Cowherd: Zion & Luka Are Already the Next Magic Johnson & Larry Bird

Colin Cowherd: “Luka and Zion are the closest thing I have ever seen to Magic and Bird. Magic and Bird were totally different players. Bird was cranky, feisty, blue-collar, tough, had no personality, and would fight with everybody, and Magic was glamorous, joyful, fun, and laughed a lot. Both were unbelievable talents. That’s Zion and Luka. They are both literally top 10 players right now in the league. Zion has arguably been the best player in the league the last three weeks. Luka is an MVP candidate at 22. And they’re totally DIFFERENT. Zion is American college system, Luka is international. Zion is fun, laughy, and jovial, Luka complains about every foul… I don’t remember – you have to go back to Magic and Larry – where guys literally walked into the league and were DOMINANT. I could make the argument that Luka is the hardest matchup in the league, even more so than LeBron… No bigs can matchup against Zion and he initiates contact on every play. These guys really are all-time unique. I would not be surprised in 20 years if Luka is the second-leading scorer in league history. We’re looking at two all-time greats here, and two totally different guys.” (Full Video Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Luka Doncic and Zion Williamson are already the modern-day versions of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, as Colin thinks the two phenoms will define the next generation as the game’s best players with the polar opposite of personalities – just like Magic and Bird.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he thinks we’re in the midst of witnessing two all-time greats taking over the league... TOGETHER.

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