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Rob Parker: Biggest Issue Women's Sports Face is WOMEN Not Supporting Them

Rob Parker: “The one thing I’m most disappointed in when we talk about women’s sports and why women’s sports aren’t covered the same, why they don’t get the same access to television, and big games, and all that kind of stuff, is because WOMEN won’t support the women’s leagues. There are more women than men. If the WNBA games were packed, like Madison Square Garden for the Liberty, they would have a beat writer travel with the team. If their games were on television and they got an equivalent or close to TV ratings as a Knicks or Nets game the advertisers would flock to it. But the numbers are miniscule. You cannot blame the men for not being behind this when the women won’t. Women don’t support women’s sports. I never had a woman say to me ‘hey, would you want to go to a WNBA game Friday night?’… If women don’t support it, how can you be mad at men for not supporting it?? If they generate the money they deserve equal and fair pay, I’m all for that, but to cry about why they don’t get the same attention is based on the numbers, and the numbers aren’t there.” (Full Video Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker and Chris Broussard discuss Draymond Green and Megan Rapinoe’s recent beef on wage equality in professional sports between men and women, as Green made headlines for a tweet he posted last month calling out female athletes for their ‘complaints’ that weren’t followed by any legitimate plan or action to have them fixed.