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Lawyer: Deshaun Watson Regrets Not Settling With First Accuser

Clay Travis: “So far, everything has been trending against Deshaun Watson. When this first lawsuit was filed, Deshaun Watson came out and said ‘hey, they tried to settle with me already and we decided not to do it.’ In retrospect, I bet everybody who represents Deshaun Watson, his agent, his advisor, his PR people, I bet every single one of them would say ‘Deshaun Watson, the best $100,000 you have ever spent at any point in your life would have been to settle this first lawsuit.' All of these additional lawsuits came spiraling out as a result of this fact that Deshaun Watson arrogantly accused this initial lawsuit filer of ‘seeking money’ when he should have known. If you’re Deshaun Watson, you should know if your behavior has made women uncomfortable in the past because once one woman came public, immediately nearly two dozen other women came out and said ‘Deshaun Watson did the same thing me.’ If he had paid $100,000 to this first accuser, I don’t know if we ever hear from any of these other women. All of the attention, and all of these other women finding out ‘oh, it wasn’t just ME’, I guarantee you if we talked to these women, one of the things they thought initially was that maybe it's just ‘me’, and also ‘no one will believe me’, because Deshaun Watson is this powerful figure, he’s a super-beloved football athlete in the city of Houston, and all of these massage therapists are relatively unknown, and he was terrifying to them – I really do think – because these women thought no one would believe them. Frankly, I doubt anyone in a grand scheme of things believes one woman, but as they all start to stand up together and tell very similar stories, all of this has built into a situation where Deshaun Watson is in a great deal of legal peril. He could be facing before all is said and done, potentially criminal charges which would move this to ‘how many games is Deshaun Watson going to miss and how much money is he going to have to pay?' to settle these suits, and potentially having to deal with a threat to his overall career.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Clay Travis, a licensed lawyer in his home state of Tennessee, discuss the most recent developments in the Deshaun Watson sexual assault saga, and explain why he thinks Watson and his legal representation deeply regret not settling with the first accuser when they had the chance.

Check out the segment above as Clay details why he doesn’t believe nearly two dozen other women would have come forward if the first accuser hadn’t gone public with her accusations, speculating that the 21 other women would have never had anyone to corroborate their stories with if not for accuser #1.

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