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Colin Cowherd & Bucky Brooks Present Their First Round 2021 NFL Mock Draft

Watch Colin Cowherd and Bucky Brooks present the first half of the 2021 NFL Mock Draft, as both Cowherd and Brooks alternate picks for the first 16 selections.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars: TREVOR LAWRENCE, QB, Clemson

Bucky: “I can't mess this up, I'm going to go with Trevor Lawrence. Face of the franchise, Urban Meyer comes out of retirement for the chance to get the number one quarterback on the board. This is a no-brainer and the ONLY reason coach Meyer would have come out of retirement. Jaguars have their man in Trevor Lawrence."

2. New York Jets: ZACH WILSON, QB, BYU

Colin: “They're going to take Zach Wilson. I think he and Justin Fields you can go either way. I trust TJ Houshmandzadeh's scouting report on Zach Wilson. He's got a special arm, he's an athlete, can do a little bit of everything -- he's got my concerns and I've got them with Justin Fields, but I'll take Zach Wilson from BYU to the Jets, who have moved off Sam Darnold so we know what they're taking."

3. San Francisco 49ers: JUSTIN FIELDS, QB, Ohio State

Bucky: "Kyle Shanahan moved up because he had to get his guy Justin Fields from Ohio State. He wants an upgrade over what he has in Jimmy Garoppolo, he wants someone who can create plays on the move, and also he wants to bring back some of that RGIII running game that he utilized with Washington."

For picks 4-16, check out the FULL video above.

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