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Rob Parker: Gonzaga Will Always Be a 'Little Brother' in College Basketball

Chris Broussard: “I don’t think Gonzaga choked, I think they got beat by a better team.”

Rob Parker: “I don’t buy Chris Broussard for one second. ON THIS VERY RADIO SHOW WE WERE JUST TALKING ABOUT WHERE THEY FIT IN ALL-TIME AND JAY BILAS WAS LIKE ‘YOU CAN’T POOH-POOH THEM!’ THEY WERE THE FAVORITES AND THEY WERE ROLLING OVER EVERYBODY! THEY CHOKED IT DOWN! Where’s Dr. Heimlich when you need him!? They choked like choking dogs in the championship! I knew it was going to happen. They won all the other games because the other games didn’t matter. The only game that mattered was last night and I don’t wanna hear about how ‘UCLA took it out of them.’ They weren’t ready for the big stage and the bright lights. They wilted like a burger under those heat lamps at a fast food restaurant. Gonzaga, YOU STUNK LAST NIGHT. You don’t deserve to be mentioned with the other schools who almost pulled off an undefeated season. I’m not shocked and I’m not surprised. they lived up to their billing of the ‘Little Engine Who COULDN’T’… I’m not going to cry my eyes out going ‘oH wHaT a rUiNeD sEaSoN fOr gOnZaGa’, NO, they weren’t there, and all that premature talk of them being one of the greatest college teams ever?? PLEASE. They got their butts whooped last night and deserve everything they got. I don’t care what division you’re in, you're still ‘LITTLE BROTHER’ when it comes to college basketball.” (Full Video Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker blast Gonzaga for their shocking blowout defeat to Baylor Monday night that cost them an undefeated season, as Rob says he wasn’t surprised to witness such an epic choke job for a team who Rob believes should have never been mentioned among some of the greatest college basketball teams ever.

Check out the rant above as Rob says Gonzaga will simply always be ‘LITTLE BROTHER’ when it comes to college basketball.

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