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Clay Travis: Sports Media Gave Kevin Durant a Pass For Homophobic Messages

Clay Travis: “Kevin Durant sent racist and homophobic direct messages to Michael Rapaport… How does no one else in sports media other than Outkick even point out the racist and homophobic direct messages that Kevin Durant sent, and that’s there’s no punishment at all levied towards Kevin Durant despite what we’ve recently seen in the world of sports?? Meyers Leonard says an anti-Semitic slur, gets suspended for a week, fined $50,000, and later gets released by his team. Kyle Larson on a NASCAR I-gaming race uses a racial slur and is suspended for an entire year before he’s allowed to return and race again in NASCAR. Justin Thomas the golfer says a homophobic slur when he misses a putt on the golf course, and Ralph Lauren pulls his sponsorship and it’s a massive story that everybody follows. Those were all public statements, and you can say that Kevin Durant’s were private, but remember Donald Sterling was fired as the owner of the LA Clippers and made to sell the team as a result of an illegally recorded private conversation he had with one his mistresses. All of them were suspending for racist or homophobic language, and Kevin Durant just used racist and homophobic language of a substantial nature in direct messages that he acknowledged came from him and no one says a word about it… I want the same rules applied to ALL people regardless of their race, their gender, their ethnicity, their religion, of their sexuality…. If all those people were outraged about what Meyers Leonard, Justin Thomas, and Kyle Larson did, why aren’t they outraged about what Kevin Durant did? Sure Kevin Durant is a far better player than Meyers Leonard but the standard of behavior should be consistent whether you’re an All-Star, or you’re an end of the bench kind of guy.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis discuss Kevin Durant’s bizarre recent beef with Michael Rapaport, and explain why he thinks the media’s coverage of Durant’s ‘racist and homophobic' rant to Rapoport through direct messaging hasn’t been nearly as denounced as it was with Meyers Leonard, Justin Thomas, and Kyle Larson, who were also in the news the past year for making offensive remarks.

Check out the segment above as Clay details why he thinks all athletes need to be held to the same standards.

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