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Why Rusty Hardin's Defense of Deshaun Watson is Falling Flat

Clay Travis: “There are now over 20 lawsuits that have been filed alleging sexual assault against Deshaun Watson, and his attorney, Rusty Hardin, evidently decided that he wanted to make Deshaun Watson look ‘better’ so he had 18 different masseuses come forward and say they had massaged Deshaun Watson and not had anything inappropriate happen to them, and somehow he thought that made Deshaun Watson look better. I don’t know what logical angle he was trying to hit here… Just because you didn’t commit a crime with SOME people, isn’t evidence that you didn’t commit a crime with others. If you robbed ten banks and then your attorney says ‘here are the affidavits of other banks where my client has been and he didn’t rob THOSE banks, so that proves he didn’t rob the other banks.’ No, no, no, it doesn’t work that way, and only dumb people actually accept that logic… If you came out and said ‘hey, guess what? My client hasn’t killed 99.9% of the people he’s ever met!' it doesn’t mean you didn’t murder the other guy or girl that you’re accused of murdering. This was a huge red flag that Rusty Hardin stepped right into because what this says to me is at an absolute minimum, we now know over the last couple of years that Desahun Watson has had FOURTY or more different women who were his masseuses. Think about that for a minute. I bet there is not another pro athlete in America who is even close to 40 or more different masseuses, and oh by the way, I’m guessing those athletes aren’t reaching out to women on Instagram asking total strangers to give them massages. This is super weird behavior by Deshaun Watson. Why did this dude have over 40 women giving him massages??... I think Deshaun Watson has completely bollocks this entire situation. There is no way to defend his initial statement when I think Tony Buzbee got him to issue a denial when Watson thought there was only one woman who was going to accuse him of sexual assault, and before it all was said and done, this was what I believe to be a set-up where they wanted to get a denial from Deshaun Watson thinking there was only one woman who was accusing him, and then they had a couple more ready to put out as lawsuits. Then I think all of the attention and publicity on the way that Deshaun Watson has behaved has also led more women to come forward once they found out that they were not alone in believing that they were mistreated by Deshaun Watson.” (Full Audio Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis, a licensed lawyer in the state of Tennessee, discuss the developing news surrounding the Deshaun Watson sexual assault saga, and explain why he thinks Watson’s attorney Rusty Hardin struck out on Thursday when presenting affidavits of 18 masseuses alleging Watson never sexually assaulted them during private sessions.

Check out the segment above as Clay compares this to a lawyer of a person accused of robbing a bank presenting testimony from other banks that he never robbed OTHER banks in the area, so it must mean that he’s never robbed a bank, period.

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