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Colin Cowherd Releases His Latest 2021 NFL Mock Draft

Watch Colin Cowherd give his UPDATED 2021 NFL Mock Draft for picks 1-10 as of Wednesday, March 31st.

1. Jaguars – Trevor Lawrence

“This is the easiest pick on the board, and there are only two easy picks on the board. Jags get Trevor Lawrence. This fits geographically and Urban Meyer has a history of working with young quarterbacks. His whole career was with guys like Tim Tebow and Alex Smith. He is the PRODIGY if there is such a thing in football. Yesterday I was reading a website talking about the pros and cons, and the ‘PROS’ were just about everything. The ‘CONS’ were that he occasionally struggles with accuracy, but that’s mostly when he plays, ya know, Ohio State or LSU’s front.”

2. Jets – Zach Wilson

“This is the second-easiest pick. It looks like the Jets like Zach Wilson. If you take a quarterback one and two, and one of them doesn’t work; he’s got Robert Saleh, is it going to work? I don’t know. I think he’s a little slender and didn’t beat the best competition, but this is the pick and everybody likes him. He’s got a nice arm, so Zach Wilson goes to the Jets.”

For picks 3-10, check out the FULL video above.

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