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Colin Cowherd Decides Which NFL QB's He's Buying Stock in For Next Season

Watch Colin Cowherd play ‘Up, Down, Sideways’ as Colin decides which trending NFL quarterbacks he’s buying stock into next season.

Jimmy Garoppolo, trending ‘Up, Down, or Sideways'?

“I think Jimmy Garoppolo is trending DOWN. Obviously, the Niners moved up to the number three spot. Just to show you how rare that is, if the Niners draft a quarterback, and they will with the number three pick, it’ll be the first time in the history of the league that a team within two years of being in a Super Bowl drafted a quarterback with a top 3 pick. It is an aggressive move to move off Jimmy Garoppolo.”

Tua Tagovailoa, trending ‘Up, Down, or Sideways’?

“He’s trending DOWN. The good news is that the Dolphins moved out of the third spot so he’s going to start. I think there's a reality now that he had the second-fewest passing yards in the league for any quarterback that took snaps, they benched him twice in the fourth quarter, and for the first time there is criticism around Tua, who is mostly adored – he’s got a very likable and engaging personality. The good news is that at the number six spot they can get Kyle Pitts, Jalen Waddle, and Devonta Smith. They’ve already got Will Fuller, so they’re going to give him every shot. It’s a sign that they want to help him, and make this as comfortable and as easy as possible. It tells you that they’re going all-in on who they’re going to surround him with. I’m told expect a lot of offensive pieces in the Draft.”

Check out the FULL segment above as Colin decides the stock of Jalen Hurts, Sam Darnold, Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Zach Wilson, Trey Lance, Justin Fields, and Mac Jones.

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