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Legal Expert Explains Why Police Won't Reveal Cause of Tiger Woods' Crash

Legal Expert Explains Why Police Won't Reveal Cause of Tiger Woods' Crash

Jason Smith: “The Sheriff’s Department said detectives determined what caused the crash but they’re not going to release details because there are ‘privacy concerns’ for Tiger Woods. Does this make sense?”

Amy Dash: “It makes perfect sense because the Sheriff and the LA County sheriff’s office are named in these lawsuits over the Kobe Bryant affair with his invasion of privacy lawsuit brought by Vanessa Bryant, and they’re still going on. The sheriff was actually named a defendant, so clearly they’ve changed their policy and they’re not going forward with all this information when it comes to celebrities because there’s litigation. That’s what they’re scared about.”

Listen to legal correspondent Amy Dash join The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon to discuss the recent news of investigators refusing to publicly release the exact cause of Tiger Woods’ February 23rd near-fatal car wreck.

Detectives with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office have wrapped up their investigation but cited ‘privacy concerns' in regards to their decision to withhold intimate information about the crash to the public.

Check out the segment above as Dash explains why the recent damning lawsuit involving the LA Sheriff’s Department’s sharing graphic photos from the Kobe Bryant crash site has a lot to do with this controversial decision with Woods.

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