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It's Insane For 49ers to Draft Overrated Game Manager Mac Jones at Pick #3

It's Insane For 49ers to Draft  'Overrated Game Manager' Mac Jones at #3
Ben Maller: “I do buy the fact that the 49ers like the ‘IDEA’ of Mac Jones at number three but at the same time they are going to pull a muscle if they make that selection because it screams ‘REACH’ at you. What are you doing?? Mac Jones was tagged as a second or third-round pick mid-season for Alabama. His skill set is not the traditional top 5 quarterback selected unless we go back to the 1970s or ’80s. Not in 2021. It would be a ‘throwback’ selection. You generally draft players at the top based on the ‘measurables’, and players who are chiseled out of stone. Imagine a parade of Greek Gods. THOSE are the people you take at the very top of the Draft. That is NOT Mac Jones. He is a gussied up version of AJ McCarron. He doesn’t appear to be very athletic and does not possess a cannon for an arm. He is a no-frills, standard-issue pick… The media is convincing you he’s ‘underrated’, but I’m the skeptic on the other side… If you wanna look at the track record of how Nick Saban quarterbacks have done in the NFL you better get a barf bag. It’s that bad… Mac Jones is the type of player that screams ‘GAME MANAGER’, which is a derogatory term. You don’t want to draft a game manager with the third pick. They’re telling me he’s ‘underrated’ but he’s ‘OVERRATED.’ If he was drafted in the second or third round you would say he was a ‘value’ pick, but to draft a player like that in the top 5 is insanity. Mac Jones was able to ride the coattails of those elite playmakers… Mac Jones’ weaknesses were hidden due to Alabama’s loaded roster.” (Full Audio Above

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he thinks Mac Jones is an ‘overrated game manager’, and the lucky recipient of one of the greatest wide receiver corps in college football history at Alabama, as Maller thinks it would be ‘insane’ for the Niners to take Jones with the number three overall pick.

Check out the audio above as Maller details why he’s never bought into this idea that Jones is a first-round pick, let alone a guy that gets selected third overall ahead of better athletes like Trey Lance and Justin Fields.

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