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Doug Gottlieb: 2021 Gonzaga Will Not Go Down as an All-time Great Team

Doug Gottlieb: 2021 Gonzaga is Not a 'Historically Good' Team
Doug Gottlieb: “How good is Gonzaga historically? Let’s just take a breath and admit: college basketball’s overall talent is not as deep at the top. There are still lots of very good players, but the best teams don’t have starting lineups and backups that come off the bench that are NBA guys like they used to… If they run the table, go undefeated, and beat Baylor, does that make them one of the greatest teams of all time? It all depends on how you contextualize it. If you want to compare them to the greatest teams of all time, in terms of would they compete, would they beat the greatest teams of all time, my answer would be absolutely, positively ‘NO’… They played a ‘good’ out-of-conference schedule but not a traditionally ‘GREAT’ one, they didn’t get a chance to see Baylor, and their league – it’s good and better at the bottom that it’s been, but at the top, there was no St. Mary’s being as competitive as it’s been. I’m okay saying I believe Gonzaga is the best team, and I also think there’s no chance they go undefeated in the Big Ten. It doesn’t mean they don’t win the Big Ten, but they don’t go undefeated in the Big Ten, they don’t go undefeated in the Pac-12, and they probably don’t go undefeated in any of these better and more reputable leagues. Does that take away from their dominance? No, but it’s part of the calculation which makes it really hard. Granted they played a six seed to get to the Final Four, and now they’re going to play a ‘First Four’ team to get to the championship game, and had a relatively easy road. It has to be part of the discussion. I think they’re awesome but I don’t think their dominance is nearly that of the best teams we’ve seen.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he doesn’t think this undefeated Gonzaga team will be remembered as a ‘historically good’ group if they run the table through the Final Four and finish 32-0.

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb details the reasons why history won’t remember this team as fondly as some of the most celebrated and respected teams in college basketball history.

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