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Legal Expert Explains Why the Deshaun Watson Case Hasn't Gone to Police Yet

Legal Expert Explains Why Deshaun Watson Case Hasn't Gone to Police Yet

Jason Smith: “When is this evidence going to go to the Houston Police Department, because when Tony Buzbee says ‘I don’t trust the HPD, we’re not going to do this’ I scratch my head and go ‘well, then what are they trying to accomplish here??’”

Amy Dash: “You’re right, it’s off the wall to say ‘I’m gonna bypass the police’ that are in charge of the jurisdiction where the alleged crime took place after Buzbee said a week earlier that he was going to police and that he was working with a detective, and was going to ask the prosecutor to have a grand jury… You need a police investigation for that to happen. For him to say he’s going to cooperate and then throw out all these excuses out of left field of ‘well, now I can’t go because I ran for mayor and I called out the police chief so I’m worried they’re going to be biased, and Rusty Hardin’s son has a connection so I don’t really trust the entire department...’ It is something I’ve never heard before. The only thing I can think of is that he’s playing some sort of a game, maybe he’s delaying because they’re talking about some sort of settlement behind closed doors, and once you go the criminal route it might be harder for them to get a settlement because maybe the women don’t want to go the criminal route, at least some of them don’t. For him to say ‘we’re going to go elsewhere, standby’ , who else would he go to?? It doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Mike Harmon: “The way to keep those 21 women anonymous then is what we’re looking at here as the plan? That they don’t want their business fully out in the public, is that it?”

Dash: “It could be part of it. Maybe they came forward and filed the suits and now that it’s been such a publicity storm they don’t wanna be attacked, and they don’t wanna have a character assassination in public. Maybe it would hurt their business or be emotionally stressful for them, so they decided let’s just settle and not run to the police department.” (Audio Segment Above)

Listen to legal correspondent Amy Dash join The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon to discuss why she believes Tony Buzbee, the plaintiff’s lawyer in the Deshaun Watson sexual assault saga, hasn’t gone the route of pursuing criminal charges through the Houston Police Department at this point, as 21 women currently have filed civil lawsuits against the Texans quarterback.

Check out the audio above as Dash details why alleged victims in these cases often shy away from pursuing criminal charges despite there being a serious crime committed.

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