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Colin Cowherd: Drafting Mac Jones Would Be Like Buying a Blackberry in 2021

Colin Cowherd: “We used to buy Blackberry phones because it’s what the standard was, and the standard for quarterbacks similarly was the same. ‘He’s got a huge arm, BUT he’s not that smart or athletic’, there’s your Blackberry. ‘He’s athletic BUT doesn’t have a ton of leadership skills.’ OK, I’ll draft him first round. ‘Boy, he’s a leader, BUT he can’t move, he’s a statue.’ THAT was the old standard, but then I watched Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert, Trevor Lawrence, and Josh Allen and realized that they're the iPhone. I’m not drafting a guy first round who is immobile. You cannot keep up in the NFL with Mac Jones – who has no second reaction skills. One scouts said ‘he’ll be confined to a pocket passer.’ Where is that working?? The standard of phones has changed. You can’t keep up if you got something like a Razr or Sidekick, it just doesn’t do enough, and I kind of feel like that with Mac Jones. I wish the kid well, but It’s why I would have moved off Tua too… If you draft Mac Jones third, what you’re telling everybody is ‘my system will make this Sidekick, this Razr, and this Blackberry work.’ My system is SO great that I can make an inferior phone work.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he would not take Alabama quarterback Mac Jones in the first round of the upcoming NFL Draft, as Colin compares the 49ers drafting Jones with the third overall pick to someone buying a Blackberry phone in the year 2021.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he’s never been on the Mac Jones bandwagon.

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