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Clay Travis: MLB Caved to 'Woke' Pressure Taking All-Star Game from Atlanta

Clay Travis: “Major League Baseball has bowed to the Woke brigade in yet another loss for the world of sports. This is a fundamentally ridiculous decision by Major League Baseball that I believe will end up costing them tons of money. ‘Get Woke, Go Broke’ indeed, and also alienating a huge percentage of their fans, and also their players. The vast majority of Major League Baseball players do not support the idea of moving the All-Star Game out of Atlanta. They are following the lead of the woke, disastrous, and broken NBA business model when the NBA pulled out of Charlotte over a transgender bathroom bill. This is everything that is wrong with the intersection of sports and politics… The sports media is so overrun with woke journalists that they will all consistently self-congratulate each other for all having the exact same opinion… The state of Georgia does not have a draconian and unjust voting bill. The state of Georgia is more lenient when it comes to voting than many Blue states are in this country, even in New York where Major League Baseball’s offices are located, and even in Delaware, which is where Joe Biden has been elected for decades, and even in Colorado, which is nobody’s idea of a Red state. What Georgia did by and large is eminently reasonable, and most people aren’t paying attention to the law itself, and they are overreacting to social media headlines, which is exactly what Major League Baseball has done, period. You can’t pick up tickets at the stadium unless you have an ID, you can’t get a beer at any baseball stadium unless you have an ID. You can’t get a vaccine for COVID unless you have an ID. And by the way, left-wingers are arguing that everyone needs a vaccine passport, which is – AN ID! If you can’t prove that you are a citizen via something simple like an ID, why should you be able to vote for President or any other office??... This is going to blow up in Major League Baseball’s face in a massive way.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis rip Major League Baseball for recently removing its 2021 All-Star Game from Atlanta because of a polarizing bill in the state of Georgia regarding voting laws, as Clay says another sports league bent the knee to more ‘woke’ mobs on social media who were zeroing in on a voting law that shouldn’t even be considered ‘controversial.’

Check out the segment above as Clay details why he believes this decision is going to blow up in the face of Major League Baseball, as it’s already been reported that the decision could cost the state over $100 million in lost tourism revenue.

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