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Michael Rapaport on His Viral Beef With Kevin Durant: 'We're Not Friends'

Michael Rapoport: “The whole thing has been crazy. I never expected it to turn into what it turned into. It’s something that I take as a learning experience, and to be honest it’s something I regret. I don’t know Kevin Durant as a friend, I don’t consider him as a friend. We actually met on social media. He reached out to me because he wanted to do something that I call the ‘Shame Game’ when people come into my DM’s and they say mean things, when they say racially insensitive things, when they threaten me, and they threaten my wife, literally. I get them every day, ‘I’m going to do THIS to you…’, ‘I’m going to do THAT to you...’ Durant reached out to me because he wanted to do that. We actually did that. I met him, we were talking about doing business together, we didn’t do business together – that was no problem. But that’s the extent of my relationship with him… I can banter, I can trash talk, I’m good with that, I’m comfortable with that, I’ve made a good career in the sports world and podcast world from that, but when you say you’re going to spit on me, you can’t wait to spit on me, and ‘let’s meet up’ on this street because you’re going to spit in my face… Then he brought up my wife. At that moment it wasn’t Durant, it wasn’t a basketball player, it was just another dude in my DMs and I was like ‘yo, this ain’t cool.’ We’re not friends, there is no ‘Bro-code’, I don’t know you like that, that’s not banter, that’s not funny, and that’s why I put it out there. Did I think it would turn into this whole thing? Absolutely not. Do I wish I had never done it? 100%, because it turned into a whole situation I didn’t imagine. I didn’t imagine it would grow tentacles into a race issue, which is shocking to me. I didn’t realize it would grow tentacles as a possible homophobic issue… His ramifications have been public, and full transparency, I’ve had to deal with ramifications with my world and my business and I gotta take that on the chin. Going forward I have to be sharper and I have to be smarter, and more mature about how I handle myself on social media.” (Full Interview Above)

Actor and comedian Michael Rapoport joined FS1 on Monday opening up about his bizarre recent beef with NBA star Kevin Durant, as a series of derogatory-ridden direct messages that the two exchanged on Twitter were made public my Rapoport, resulting in Durant receiving a $50,000 fine from the NBA for crude language that was considered homophobic, misogynist, and even racist.

Check out the video above as Rapoport details his past relationship with Durant, and why he regrets the situation getting as much publicity as it did, and leading to so much blowback for both parties.

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