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Georgia Governor Rips MLB: 'They're Now Part of the Woke Cancel Culture'

Clay Travis: “How did you become aware that Major League Baseball was pulling the All-Star Game out of Atlanta and what were your first thoughts when you first saw the news?”

GA Gov. Brian Kemp: “The Commissioner actually called to let me know, and I told him that he was making a big mistake and that he was going to regret this decision. I had reached out to them a few days before to make sure they knew what was actually in the bill and not what people like the President of the United States and Stacy Abrams were saying which was a bunch of lies. He told me then that they were getting a lot of pressure, and I said ‘I understand. You need to make sure you understand what’s in the bill because this is not restrictive. We’re adding the opportunity for people to vote, especially on the weekends in Georgia, and making a lot of mechanical fixes to the election process.' It’s a terrible decision for them. They are officially part of the woke cancel culture, and it’s going to be a bad decision for Major League Baseball. I just hate it for the Atlanta Braves because they did not support this decision.” (Full Interview Above)

Listen to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp join Outkick the Coverage to discuss Major League Baseball’s recent decision to yank its All-Star Game out of the state of Georgia over new voting laws, as Kemp explained why he thinks MLB made a terrible decision and why they're officially part of the 'woke cancel culture.’

Check out the full interview above as Kemp details why he thinks there’s a false narrative going around that is ignoring the actual particulars of the new voting bill, as Kemp said that President Joe Biden and Stacy Abrams have been spreading a ‘bunch of lies’ about the bill.

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