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Legal Expert: Deshaun Watson Could Face Human Trafficking Charges

Amy Dash: “This was definitely Tony Buzbee hinting at the possibility that Watson was allegedly sex-trafficking women [at Buzbee's press conference on Tuesday with the first accuser]. For a couple reasons and then I’ll break down the law. First of all, the most obvious being he had a human sex-trafficking expert and survivor there who made a pretty powerful speech. There would be no reason to have a woman there talking about that unless it was relevant to the case. He emphasized certain things, for example, there is an allegation that Deshaun Watson had flown a woman in from Atlanta, and that he had Uber-ed her somewhere, that’s 'transporting'... All throughout the complaints there is this pattern of keywords, that as a lawyer, if you’re sort of pushing the pieces together, it would be become obvious to you what they’re building for some sort of a case, or at least corroborating towards some sort of a case like this was ‘forced’, ‘coercion’, that the victims were allegedly ‘fearful’, and that they were ‘paralyzed by fear’. One of them they said she was locked in a room and couldn’t get out. Some of them they said were threatened. One was allegedly threatened, and her reputation and her career could be messed with… A lot of times with trafficking women, you think it’s like bringing them in with cattle cars or something, and prostituting young women against their will, but trafficking, first of all, doesn’t require any movement. It can be a domestic or a local act. It can be with adults, and it really just requires at its most basic, the ‘recruiting’ – it can be the ‘transporting’, but recruiting would suffice. Recruiting people using force or coercion to do so. The underlying purpose for this recruitment is to have them perform a sexual act for sexual exploitation. In this context where you have a domestic situation where there is a worker who is being paid for something, and they believe that they’re going to go into the situation to be paid for the professional act that they want to conduct, and instead they are allegedly forced or coerced into performing a sexual act, and then being paid for that act instead of the act that they thought they were going to perform -- well, that’s basically forced prostitution and that would fall under the category of ‘human trafficking.’” (Full Interview Above)

Listen to legal correspondent Amy Dash join The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker to break down the latest developments in the Deshaun Watson sexual assault saga, as Dash details to Chris and Rob the potential of Watson facing human trafficking charges alongside the accusations of sexual assault and harassment.

Check out the entire segment above as Dash defines the legal definition of human trafficking, and why it might be the route of where the plaintiff attorney Tony Buzbee is heading.

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