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Former NFL Player the Suspected Gunman in Mass Murder that Killed Five

Former NFL player Phillip Adams is the suspected gunman of a mass shooting in Rock Hill, South Carolina on Wednesday, that left five people dead.

Adams’ body was found on Thursday after killing himself after the shooting, as Adams is alleged to have shot and killed his doctor at their own home, as well as his wife, their two grandchildren aged 5 and 9, and another man who had been working on the property.

The doctor was identified as Dr. Robert Leslie, who the Associated Press referred to as a ‘prominent’ doctor in the state of South Carolina. Dr. Leslie was 70, his wife Barbara 69, and the man killed while working on their property as a groundskeeper was 38.

A sixth unidentified victim was also in the shooting, who is currently hospitalized with 'serious gunshot wounds.'

Adams was 32 and hadn’t appeared in the NFL since 2015. He was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers as a seventh-round pick out of South Carolina State, and would play 78 games over five years with the aforementioned Niners, Patriots, Seahawks, Raiders, Jets, and Falcons.

Adams’ father told WCNC-TV in Charlotte that he thinks ‘football messed him up’, likely referring to chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or simply ‘CTE’.