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Colin Cowherd Lists the 8 Most Shocking Championship Game Outcomes Ever

Watch Colin Cowherd list the most shocking championship game results in sports history, as Colin chronicles some of the most unsuspecting finishes we’ve ever seen in the world of athletics, where historically good teams and athletes failed on the biggest stage.

Gonzaga Loses to Baylor – 2021

“It’s not they lost, it’s HOW they lost. The game was over in minutes. Gonzaga’s 16-point loss is the largest loss by a number one seed ever in the NCAA title game. It was 9-0 and then 11-1, and was over in minutes. With Baylor’s defense, if you go down by 11 or 12 early, the only way you’re catching up is by hitting threes, and Gonzaga for all their talent offensively is not a great three-point shooting team. That’s not what they do, they score 40 points a game with their two bigs. I thought that was a pretty surprising outcome and over in like five minutes.”

Chiefs Lose to Bucs – 2021

“Never forget this – the Chiefs were 25-1 in which games Mahomes had started. They didn’t even score a touchdown. They were favored, they had already faced each other in Week 12, Mahomes had a perfect quarterback rating, threw for 465 yards, had a 17-point four quarter lead, moved the ball at will, and then could not score a touchdown and were flustered for four hours.”

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