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Clay Travis: 'I Would Be Surprised if Deshaun Watson Plays in 2021'

Clay Travis: “Deshaun Watson is continuing to have worse outcomes become more likely. At this point, I would be very surprised if Deshaun Watson plays football anywhere in 2021. I am increasingly of the opinion that there may well be criminal charges filed in this case on top of the 22 civil lawsuits that have already been filed alleging sexual assault. I don’t know when and if Deshaun Watson is going to be able to clean up any of this legal mess any time in the near future. There are three main threats to Deshaun Watson. The NFL Personal Conduct investigation, which is the least significant but will certainly lead to a suspension at minimal. The civil lawsuits, in which Deshaun Watson is potentially going to have to pay, who knows, maybe tens of millions of dollars in penalties in order to settle these lawsuits. And the most significant of all, the potential criminal investigation, that could mean that Deshaun Watson could face years in prison, and he could face the legitimate end of his football career if charges of a significant enough nature are brought in these cases. If this went to trial and a jury were to find these women to be compelling, he could be facing years in prison. To me, the best-case scenario is Deshaun Watson doesn’t play at all in 2021 and these legal cases get resolved. Worst-case scenario is Deshaun Watson never plays football again and he may go to prison for years.” (Full Audio Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he thinks the ‘best-case’ scenario for Deshaun Watson at this point would be to 'only' miss the entire 2021 NFL season, and along the way eventually tamp down the possibilities of criminal charges to his name, as Clay thinks Watson’s chances of playing at all next year have rapidly gone out the window.

Check out the audio above as Clay, a licensed lawyer in the state of Tennessee, breaks down where we currently stand in Watson’s sexual assault saga, as his first accuser finally reveled herself on Monday during an emotionally-packed press conference where she memorably proclaimed ‘we were all deceived into thinking Deshaun Watson was a ‘good guy.’”

Accuser: 'We Were All Deceived into Thinking Deshaun Watson Was a Good Guy'

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