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Rob Parker: 2021 is Proving Steph Curry Was Never a 'Transcendent' Player

Rob Parker: “This was supposed to be Steph Curry’s year to be a ‘transcendent’ player. ‘hE cHanGeD tHe nBa, hE dOeSn’T nEed kEviN dUrAnT!’ Those fraudulent people out there were talking about Steph Curry for MVP. Steph Curry for MVP?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Steph Curry is not ‘THAT GUY’ and I’ve been saying it for years… He’s NOT the transcendent player that people say he is. Yes, he’s made a lot of threes but he’s never made the big threes to win you the game. If it wasn’t for Kevin Durant, I sit here right here and right now and tell you that the Warriors would not have won those two championships. I’m confident in that. This is a guy who has never won the Finals MVP, who had his team and milk money taken away from him when Kevin Durant showed up. You know why?? Because Kevin Durant was the better player, everybody knows that. RAISE UP STEPH CURRY! YOU HAD A CHANCE TO SHOW EVERYBODY THAT YOU’RE ‘THAT DUDE’ AND YOU DON’T NEED KEVIN DURANT, KLAY THOMPSON, OR ANY OF THOSE GUYS! PUT THOSE YOUNG BOYS ON YOUR BACK! Make those shots from half=court when it matters, instead, your team is getting drubbed every night. This was his moment to show that it wasn’t about everybody else. Steph Curry and the Warriors are just also-rans. With an ‘all-time great’ on the team they’re also-rans?? There’s weak NBA teams everywhere, beat THOSE teams, Steph! The Warriors are NOTHING without Kevin Durant, and now Klay Thompson might really be the key because Steph Curry was not able to elevate this team. Steph Curry for MVP?? MY FOOT!... I’d take Reggie Miller and Ray Allen ten times out of ten times before I would take Steph to make a big shot to win me a game.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks Golden State’s nightmare season in 2021 is proving why he was right for years when it came to Rob saying that Steph Curry was not a ‘transcendent’ player, as Rob says Curry is simply not the caliber player that can carry a team on his back, and a guy who needed Kevin Durant to do everything for him.

Check out the video above as Rob says he’d much rather have former elite marksmen Ray Allen and Reggie Miller than Steph if it came down to making a big shot, and says that Steph would have two less championship rings if not for KD.

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