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Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson Discuss ESPN's Firing of Paul Pierce

Dan Patrick: “What would be the first question that you would ask Paul Pierce if you had him on your podcast?”

Stephen Jackson: “I’m going to be honest with you, I wouldn’t ask him nothing because he’s not doing anything that nobody don’t do. Just the fact that it was on camera, and people wanna judge him for it, but that’s done everywhere; ALL athletes do it, it’s just not on camera. For people to judge him for having a good time, yeah it shouldn’t have been on camera, yeah you gotta be more private with what you’re doing when you’re representing a company like ESPN, but at the same time, ALL players do it. These people that work at Disney do it, just not on camera.”
Matt Barnes: “We’ve done pretty much everything in Paul’s video, it just hasn’t been on camera. We don’t want to speak for other people, but we know other people do it too. I just think it was a combination of all of it on camera and it being Disney. I was actually a little surprised; I had spoken to someone who works at ESPN that night and I was like ‘yo, is Paul going to be okay?’ and the person was like ‘they don’t like what he did, but I’m not sure there’s much they can do.’ Then a day later he’s fired, so it’s very unfortunate, we’re big fans of Paul, and we know he’ll land on his feet, but you just kinda have to be careful this day in age I guess.” (FULL interview above)

Listen to former NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson join The Dan Patrick Show discussing Paul Pierce’s recent firing at ESPN because of Instagram Live videos that Pierce had taken while in the company of exotic dancers.

Check out the interview above as Barnes and Jackson, who have both been contributors with ESPN, detail how they weren’t that surprised by ESPN’s decision, but ultimately added that ‘all’ players do what Pierce did, including a lot of people bashing Pierce, but simply didn’t let it be known on camera.

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