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Clay Travis: 'Deshaun Watson Could Be the NFL's Version of Jeffrey Epstein'

Clay Travis: “I will tell you – and maybe this is because I’m a lawyer – I have been more aware of how significant the peril Deshaun Watson is facing than probably anybody else in sports media. We have seen star quarterbacks face legal issues before, whether it’s Ben Roethlisberger, Michael Vick, or Jameis Winston, but we have never seen the scope and substance of allegations of sexual assault like we have seen against Deshaun Watson… Things are getting worse for Deshaun Watson in a hurry. Nike has suspended their endorsement relationship with Deshaun Watson, and now ‘Beats By Dre’, who is owned by Apple, is making the decision that they will no longer allow Deshaun Watson to be an endorser with them… As all of these major corporations are turning away from Deshaun Watson, the same thing is happening with the Houston Texans, who put out a statement a couple days ago saying they were 'appalled' by the allegations… If you want to consider this a massive miscalculation, the initial miscalculation happened by Deshaun Watson, his lawyers, and his representatives. If they had paid this woman $100,000, her allegation would have never gone public and all these other women wouldn’t have necessarily seen the media coverage of the allegation and also decided to come forward and tell their story. There is a large degree of arrogance on behalf of Deshaun Watson, who could have cut a check for $100,000, insured that this story never went public, and many of the other women may have also never gone public, because that first allegation made many of these massage therapists realize ‘oh, it’s not just me, I’m not alone’… This has created a threat not only to Deshaun Watson’s 2021 season, but as there is a criminal investigation now underway, it’s possible that Deshaun Watson could spend years in prison. He could be -- on the probabilistic scale, worst-case scenario -- be the NFL’s version of Jeffrey Epstein, or Bill Cosby. He could be a sexual predator who will spend years in prison, and his entire NFL career could be over. That is a reasonable and realistic from the legal travails that he is facing right now. I’m not saying it’s ‘likely’, I’m saying it’s reasonable and possible if you look at the scope of potential outcomes. THIS many women accusing you of THIS many things is potentially putting Deshaun Watson in the Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Cosby scenario, who both went to prison. The best-case scenario for Deshaun Watson continues to get worse and worse.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis discuss the most recent developments in the Deshaun Watson sexual assault saga, as Watson’s most notable sponsors have now backed away and suspended ties with the embattled Texans quarterback, who has 22 women accusing him of sexual assault during private massages.

Check out the video above as Clay, a licensed lawyer in the state of Tennessee, details why he believes Watson’s entire NFL career is in peril.

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