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Colin Cowherd: Mac Jones is the Next Mitch Trubisky if 49ers Take Him No. 3

Colin Cowherd: “We think of the Niners as an ascending franchise and the Bears as a dying one. If you draft Mac Jones then you may be the same franchise. This is the Bears drafting Mitch Trubisky, look at the similarities. First of all, only the Bears in that Draft loved Trubisky, and only the Niners love Mac Jones. You don’t hear another team interested. Trubisky was a one-year college starter. You can’t win the job as a sophomore or junior if you’re an NFL quarterback? Mac Jones, similarly, is a one-year starter. He couldn’t beat out Tua. Have you seen Tua in Miami? Look like the face of the league?? Chicago already had a good draft pick. They were at three and they gave away all sorts of picks to move up to number two. They didn’t have to because nobody else was into Trubisky. Their intel was bad. The Niners already had a great pick, 12, did you really have to give up all those picks to get to three? Mac Jones wasn’t going three, and I’m not sure Mac Jones is going before 12. In the Trubisky draft there were other quarterbacks who were clearly more physically gifted – Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson. In this draft Mac Jones is the least physically gifted quarterback. In the case of Trubisky and in the case of Mac Jones, my scouts and my sources hated Trubisky and they don’t like Mac Jones. This IS Trubisky with the Bears… This feels desperate, and like the Bears, it feels arrogant. ‘wE kNoW mOrE tHaN yOu dO!’ We think of John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan as ascending stars in this league; yeah, three years ago before they drafted Trubisky that’s what we thought about Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy… Of all these quarterbacks, who has a ‘ceiling’? It’s not Trey Lance, it’s not Justin Fields, it’s not Zach Wilson, and it’s not Trevor Lawrence… I don’t like this at all.” (Full Video Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss ongoing reports that the 49ers are going to draft Alabama quarterback Mac Jones with the no. 3 overall pick, as Colin warns the Niners that they’re about to do the same thing that the Chicago Bears did in 2018 when they traded up to take Mitch Trubisky with the no. 2 pick; a move now regarded as one of the worst decisions in NFL history.

Check out the video above as Colin details why Colin has no idea how Jones, a guy who Colin said last week is not even a first-round talent, could be drafted ahead of Justin Fields and Trey Lance.

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