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Colin Cowherd Makes the Case For Julian Edelman Being a Hall of Famer

Colin Cowherd: “Tom Brady and Bill Belichick were both so inspired by what Julian Edelman is that they rushed to say what a great player he is… Yet I turned on the radio yesterday and it was a cacophony of ‘HE’S NOT A HALL OF FAME PLAYER!’ Then what is?? You gotta add context to stuff. Did you know Jason Garrett has a higher winning percentage than Jimmy Johnson? Who is the better coach?? If you ask Calvin Johnson today if he would trade places with Julian Edelman, you damn right he would. If you asked Edelman if he would trade places with Calvin Johnson he would laugh in your face… Edelman for a decade made more big catches in more big games than any player. Super Bowl MVP, the biggest catch in Super Bowl history vs. Atlanta, second in league history in playoff catches and playoff yards… Receivers on bad teams trail with eight minutes left, they face prevent defense, and get junk yards. Edelman didn’t get ‘junk yards’ because the Patriots averaged 12 wins throughout his career. What was Edelman doing in the last seven and a half minutes of games? BLOCKING. Edelman didn’t get junk yards, his stats were in the heart and the meat of third downs in the quarters that mattered. A lot of you guys play fantasy football, I don’t – but in fantasy football sometimes receivers on bad teams are better than receivers on good teams because bad teams throw the ball late when they’re trailing. Edelman doesn’t trail. When you’re a part of a great ‘system’ you have to sacrifice things. Manu Ginobili on another team would have averaged 23 points a game, but in the Spurs system he came off the bench and averaged 17.5 in his prime. Edelman was always his best in the BIGGEST games, he was the opposite of a ‘stat compiler’… The Patriots don’t draft wide receivers particular well so he never had that superstar no. 1 receiver that got the double-coverage… To me, that’s a Hall of Famer.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd make his case on why he believes the now-retired Julian Edelman is a Hall of Famer, despite his career numbers falling short of what is usually expected to become enshrined in Canton.

Edelman didn’t make a Pro Bowl or All-Pro in his career, but he played in five Super Bowls, won three, and also took home the Super Bowl MVP in 2019 when New England beat the Rams.

He finished his career with only 6,822 receiving yards and 36 touchdowns, but is second all-time in receiving yards and receptions in the postseason.

Check out the segment above as Colin wonders what a Hall of Famer really is if one of the winningest and most clutch players in league history isn’t even 'worthy.'

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