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Colin Cowherd Wishes His Old Pal Baker Mayfield a Happy 26th Birthday

Colin Cowherd: “I’d be remised if I didn’t acknowledge a birthday today! We hand out cakes on this show for birthdays. It was Baker Mayfield’s birthday today... Baker is welcome to come on my show TOMORROW. He’s been mean to me! Very caustic and acerbic to me! He’s fired back at me! If Baker wanted to come on, the question isn’t am 'I' man enough to have Baker – absolutely, but is BAKER willing to confront the guy he thinks doesn’t like him, which is NOT true. Aaron Rodgers is the same way. I’d have Aaron Rodgers on tomorrow. Rodgers would come on and rip me. Just go toe-to-toe. I’m not just one of these guys that sucks up and then surprises you with rips, but I’ll also bring TO on, who I’ve ripped, and go after him. I’m not a phony. I’d bring Aaron on and confront him on some of his passive-aggressive stuff. That right, I’m Mr. ‘ABOUT THAT ACTION’ right here!” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd and Joy Taylor wish Colin’s old friend Baker Mayfield a Happy 26th Birthday, as Colin says he’s giving Baker an open invite to come back on his show whenever Baker wants, and adding that the rumors of Colin not liking Baker are untrue!

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