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Clay Travis: Deshaun Watson Should Fire His Lawyer

Clay Travis: Based on all of the evidence out there right now I would be stunned if Deshaun Watson plays football in 2021 anywhere. I think it’s likely he’s going to sit out the season either from suspension or with legal issues hanging over his head. I would never cooperate with the NFL because he has nothing to gain there. Second most significant issue: 22 I believe is the current number of lawsuits with the women now having put their names to the charges… Deshaun Watson’s attorney Rusty Hardin has said they play to go to a jury trial in 22 different cases... That is a bunch of malarky. There is no way that is actually going to happen. If I were advising Deshaun Watson I would tell him to settle all these cases immediately, even if it costs you $20 million to avoid any more criminal issues that may be arising. Honestly, I think Deshaun Watson has received really poor advice. There are emails out there that show if Tony Buzbee had gotten his way, Deshaun Watson would have settled this first case for $100,000. It would have never gone public in any way. It would have been an easy resolution and that was the end of it. A lot of these women then would have never gone forward. I think Deshaun Watson has gotten awful advice. They could have settled this for $100,000, that’s a rounding error to Deshaun Watson. This is one of the all-time bad advice, miscalculations. If I were talking to him right now I would tell him that he needs to fire all of his representation because they led him astray. The final issue is that they are now criminally investigating this case. If you’re facing criminal charges, instead of just being able to buy your way out of problems, you’re now potentially facing years in prison, and you have to worry about becoming the NFL’s version of Bill Cosby or Jeffrey Epstein… It ain’t getting better for him any time soon.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis, a licensed lawyer in his home state of Tennessee, explain why he thinks Deshaun Watson’s legal representation has completely botched their defense of Deshaun, saying Watson should literally fire his entire legal team for the current juxtaposition they've put him in.

Check out the audio above as Clay details what he would advise Watson if he was his attorney, and how this saga may have never been inflamed if they had just settled with the first accuser for $100,000, and not acted so arrogant.

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