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Will Cain: Transgender Athlete 'Inclusion' Would Destroy Women's Sports

Clay Travis: “The fact that it’s ‘controversial’ that your gender –– when we have gender-separated sports ––, would dictate where you can play and where you can’t is crazy to me. Many of these stories have come out of, for instance, high school girls in the state of Connecticut have filed lawsuits because there is and has been a biological man who has identified as a woman and has set like 15 state records in Connecticut. These plaintiffs are high school girls who have spent their entire lives trying to excel in a sport, and suddenly they’re competing against somebody who is a biological male, who is much bigger, stronger, and faster than them, as biology dictates that men typically are compared to women, which is why we have a separation of men’s and women’s sports. I can’t imagine people listening to me right now who doesn’t understand that at its most basic level.”

Will Cain: “No, we ALL know that, this is lunacy. We are spiraling at just such a crazy speed into absolute lunacy in this culture… Look at the statement that the NCAA put out. They said ‘We stand against any bill that restricts trans athletes from their ability to participate in sports.’ Well, that’s not what is happening. You CAN participate in sports, you just have to participate according to the gender that you were born with. They manipulate the language to make it seem like it’s discrimination against trans athletes and they don’t get to participate in sports. No, that’s NOT true, it’s protecting fairness and inclusion for female athletes who are put at an unfair advantage, any common sense person knows, when they’re going up against a biological male. The NCAA can’t get radical enough… For decades, the terms ‘inclusion and fairness’, at least when it comes to the NCAA, is let’s make sure that Title IX is supported. They’ve been evening out men and women’s sports throughout the last several decades… ‘Inclusion and fairness’ now means destroying women’s sports. That’s what this is. This destroys women’s sports and makes it so a biological female athlete has no real chance to win if they’re going up against a trans athlete.”

Listen to Fox and Friends’ Will Cain, formerly of ESPN, join Outkick the Coverage and discuss with Clay Travis how a recent Florida bill that disallows transgender athletes from competing in women's sports is actually to prevent the ‘destruction’ of the entire landscape of women's sports.

Cain says language in the bill needs to be made clear that this isn't 'banning' transgender athletes from playing sports, as what is sometimes being falsely interpreted and circulated by the media, and even the NCAA themselves, Cain says. The bill would only disallow transgender athletes of male birthrights to compete alongside athletes born female. Trans athletes would only compete alongside athletes who align with their biological sex.

The NCAA Board of Governors issued a statement saying they will consider taking all championship events out of states with laws that 'discriminate' against transgender athletes.'

The opposition to transgender athletes who are biologically male competing with women is largely due to the notable cases of these biological males dominating women’s sports. One such case included high school athletes Andraya Yearwood and Terry Miller, transgender women who were born men, placing first and second during the 100-meter state championship race in Connecticut, and winning their races by wide margins over their female competition.

Parents with daughters in the races thought it was unfair that cisgender high school girls were effectively competing against male athletes, and being dominated in the process.

Check out the segment above as Cain details why the NCAA attempting to ‘boycott’ this bill would be nonsensical, and why he thinks the NCAA would destroying the ‘inclusion and fairness’ of Title IX.