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Clay Travis: LeBron James' 'Insanely Stupid' Tweets Are Dividing America

Clay Travis: "LeBron sent out a series of insanely stupid tweets that continued to inflame the situation in our country and continued to argue the exact opposite of the truth, which is that police are the problem, not violent people making insanely idiotic decisions. All of this continues to call into question the absurdity of the way my industry protects and coddles idiots like LeBron James… You are so dumb, LeBron James, that it actually makes my head hurt… Nobody else in sports media even talked about how dumb LeBron’s tweets were. People in sports media are so afraid of angering powerful people like LeBron James and all of his protectors in the media, that they won’t actually speak out and share the truth, which is LeBron James and everybody else following his lead is making America less safe for everyone than it would be if they had never said a word at all… When you demonize the police, who do more to protect Black, White, Asian, and Hispanic lives, you lead directly to more death in this country of a violent nature because the criminal element sweeps in when the police are demonized and not able to do their job. It is so frustrating to have so many people out there in sports media claiming that LeBron James is a voice for ‘betterment’ of society when the basic facts and his own words prove that to be completely and incontrovertibly false every single day that passes… There is an entire cottage industry designed to protect LeBron James and other WOKE athletes from having to be held accountable for what they say, and the impact of their own words… People like LeBron are using their platform to make America more dangerous, more deadly, and more divisive. Far from being forces for good, they are being forces for disunity and death. They have blood on their hands... He’s a fraud, and he is not in any way making America a better place. America would actually be better off if he would ‘shut up and dribble’ if he’s going to be making the idiotic, asinine, and stupid statements that he’s regularly making on social media.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he believes LeBron James is using his social media platform to actually do more harm than good for this country, as Clay believes LeBron’s recent series of controversial tweets on last week's fatal police shooting in Columbus Ohio, including one that he would later delete, just needlessly poured more gas on an already fiery inferno of racial divisiveness in the US.

Check out the segment above as Clay details why he thinks LeBron is demonizing police with his ‘insanely stupid’ tweets to his nearly 50 million followers, and why he thinks it’s leading to even more violence.

More videos from Fox Sports Radio on LeBron's 'TweetGate' can be found at the bottom of the page.

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