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Colin Cowherd Ranks the Top 10 NFL Teams Following the Draft

Watch Colin Cowherd count down his rankings of the top 10 NFL teams following the NFL Draft and free agency.

10. Green Bay Packers

“I didn’t like their draft, they reached for a corner. They have Aaron Rodgers, it’s a well-run operation, but there’s a lot of animosity. They did not add any notable free agents. What did they get out of the Draft that can help them this year?? Amari Rodgers, third-round wide receiver? Aaron generally doesn’t throw to guys he doesn’t know. I think there’s animosity in the building, a lot of tension, a lot of noise, but I give them the respect of a top 10 team, but I don’t like what I hear or see.”

9. Baltimore Ravens

“I liked them last year and I like them this year. They had a weakness, wide receiver, and they went and attacked it. They brought in Sammy Watkins and they drafted Rashod Bateman, that’s what they needed to do. They also added to their offensive line, got Kevin Zeitler, and drafted an offensive lineman early. So at least they know their weaknesses. Can Lamar Jackson play from behind? Is he as good as Josh Allen and Mahomes? I don’t think so, but I like him a lot, I respect him a lot, and I got him nine.”

8. Los Angeles Rams

“I didn’t love their offseason. Yeah, they got Matt Stafford but they lost John Johnson, a great safety, Troy Hill, a corner, Austin Blythe, their starting center, and Gerald Everett, a very dynamic tight end. They’re good. You can tell by their draft that they’re infatuated with wide receivers and speed. They think they’re a Super Bowl team. They just went out and tried to find the fastest guys on the planet who have ever played football. They’re in my ‘Super Bowl Bubble’, but I didn’t love their draft, and in their offseason you get Stafford but lost some pieces that I liked.”

7. Los Angeles Chargers

“They had the number one offseason according to me and according to Pro Football Focus. Melvin Ingram, Derwin James, two of their top three defensive players come back off injury. Corey Linsley, the number one rated center comes over. Rashawn Slater, many people thought he was the best tackle in the draft. I think their roster is stacked. Herbert looks like a star ready to explode. This team is ready to roll. My only question, and why I have them down at 7, is I think you can make the argument after the draft and free agency that they got a top 4 or 5 roster, I just don’t know if Brandon Staley is a head coach. We will wait and see.”

6. San Francisco 49ers

“I may have them low here, it’s really based on Jimmy Garoppolo. They’ve got George Kittle back, Jimmy Garoppolo back, and Nick Bosa back. That in itself is a really good football team. They went and said ‘What do we do well? O-line and run the ball’, and they got more of it. Alex Mack the center, they went and drafted Trey Sermon the running back, and they went and got Aaron Banks, another offensive lineman. So they fortified what they’re already really good at. O-line, run the football -- to me that’s about empowering Trey Lance if he eventually plays this year. They doubled down on their offensive line and running game which was already strong.

Check out the video above for teams ranked five through one.

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