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Doug Gottlieb Rips 'Idiots' in Media Comparing Tim Tebow & Colin Kaepernick

Doug Gottlieb: “Why is everyone so freaked out about Tim Tebow? YOU SOUND LIKE THE DUMBEST PEOPLE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH WHEN YOU COMPARE TIM TEBOW TRYING OUT TO MAKE THE JAGUARS AND COLIN KAEPERNICK. YOU SOUND LIKE AN IDIOT! YOU SOUND LIKE SOMEBODY WHO SO BADLY WANTS TO MAKE A POINT THAT YOU BECOME ‘THAT GUY’… There are like five people in sports media who want to make some grandiose statement. I heard Bucky Brooks on Colin Cowherd, and thank God for Bucky Brooks. He was like "yeah, this kind of happens everywhere, a coach brings in 'their guys.’" It’s really what it is… Do you wanna know why Colin Kaepernick is not in the league? He was about to go to the Baltimore Ravens, John Harbaugh is the coach – yes, he happens to be related to Jim Harbaugh who coached Colin Kaepernick in San Francisco. Greg Roman was their offensive coordinator, who coached Colin Kaepernick in San Francisco. Why didn’t that happen? Because his girlfriend put out a meme likening the owner of the Ravens to ‘Django Unchained’ and to a slave owner. It didn’t sit all too well with Steve Bisciotti, especially to a guy who was loyal to Ray Lewis after all that Ray Lewis went through, and put the franchise through… We make these ridiculous and idiotic statements comparing and correlating Colin Kaepernick to Tim Tebow… It’s like in college basketball. If you work for Rick Pitino, you’re part of the ‘Pitino Family.’ He is the most powerful voice in picking up the phone. It’s all one big family and it’s all one big alliance. It’s just like ‘Survivor’.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb blast the NFL media as a whole who are continuing to correlate Tim Tebow’s comeback to the NFL with Colin Kaepernick’s extended absence away from the game, as Gottlieb explains why any attempt to compare the two is ‘idiotic.’

Check out the video above as Gottlieb details the ‘families' around all levels of sports, and explains why much like in life, it often comes down to who you know, who you are familiar with, and who you are comfortable with when it comes to work and relationships.

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