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Why Russell Westbrook's Triple-Double Record is a Phony Sham

Ben Maller: “How impressed are you with Russell Westbrook becoming the triple-double king of the NBA? I’m not impressed at all. The reason I’m not impressed is because this is a PHONY record. I remember when Westbrook was setting the regular season triple-double accomplishment where every game he had a triple-double back in OKC. Videos starting popping up on YouTube when teammates on the Thunder would treat the basketball like it was a hand grenade and run away from it if they had a chance to get a rebound. Steven Adams would have an opportunity to go up and grab a rebound but if Russell Westbrook was in the same area, then Steven Adams would defer and allow Westbrook to get the record being the team’s goal was that Westbrook had to get the triple-double. Once you see videos of Westbrook given rebounds by very generous teammates who were more concerned about looking out for Russ, it’s hard to take this seriously… This particular night, a LOSS to the Atlanta Hawks, is a perfect snapshot of what Russell Westbrook’s career has been in the NBA. He’s a ‘stat-bandit’ getting the mani/pedi treatment from the basketball media. This record has been cheapened by all those bogus triple-doubles he got in Oklahoma City.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he’s not remotely impressed by Russell Westbrook breaking Oscar Robertson’s all-time triple-double record, saying ‘stat-bandit’ Westbrook is synonymous with chasing empty stats.

Check out the video above as Maller details why this record has been ‘cheapened’ by all the ‘bogus’ triple-doubles he had while in Oklahoma City when you’d see his Thunder teammates literally run away from the ball late in games to let Westbrook pad his rebound stats.

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