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Bob Baffert Makes Bizarre Comments on Medina Spirit's Positive Drug Test

Bob Baffert: “The troubling thing is that the horse has never been treated with that specific drug so we’re at a loss for words trying to figure out how he got contaminated… We don’t know where this came from… I think somebody could have handled this horse or touched it, because at those levels it’s very minute, and is at a level that wouldn’t affect the horse. They’re scary levels because I’ve had this problem before… I’m hoping it was a mistake, maybe it was the wrong horse. I’ve got an investigation team working on it. It’s horrible, Dan. I would never risk my reputation. It doesn’t make sense. People in the horse industry understand it’s BS, but not the public… At that level it had zero effect on the horse… Churchill Downs came out with a really harsh statement yesterday, I was shocked by it. I think it was just a knee-jerk, cancel-culture type of reaction, and they violated my due process. When you get a positive test, it’s supposed to be confidential, but it leaked out immediately. Now I have to fight this in the public.”

Dan Patrick: “If you talk to the casual sports fan here who doesn’t know horse racing they probably say ‘well, you’ve had some priors here and you have other incidents with horses. What do you say to the casual sports fan or even people in the horse racing industry that have seen other horses you've had fail drug tests?”

Baffert: “A lot of them were just mistakes. This is from 1971. Down the road, I used to be a little sloppy. They were overages, it was nothing really serious. In the last couple of years, like ‘Justify’, was the big one, he ingested scopolamine, which comes in the hay, I couldn’t have prevented that. We resolved that, it was a bad headline. I had a groom, he had COVID, that urinated in the stall and the horse ate it. It was a cough medicine, we resolved that. Things like that happen because they’re testing at these extremely low levels. This would not have been a positive in California.” (Full Interview Above)

Listen to Medina Spirit trainer Bob Baffert join The Dan Patrick Show on Monday to discuss his horse failing a post-Kentucky Derby drug test that voided the horse’s victory, as Baffert had yet another run-in with violations surrounding a horse he owned.

Check out the interview above as Baffert details why he believes these allegations are ‘BS’, and also opens up on the history of his horses testing positive for banned substances, including one instance where Baffert claims that his horse 'Justify' ate hay that had just been peed on by a groomer who had recently ingested a cough syrup that contained a banned substance in horseracing, triggering the positive test from the horse who would later consume the hay.

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