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Colin Cowherd Predicts When NFL Rookie QB's Get Their First Starts and Wins

Watch Colin Cowherd predict when each of the five notable NFL rookies – Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Mac Jones, Justin Fields, and Trey Lance, will get their first start of the season as well as their first WIN.

Trevor Lawrence

First Start: Week 1

First Win: Week 1 at Texans

“Urban Meyer and Trevor Lawrence will start 1-0. The worst rushing defense in the NFL last year was Houston. Translation? He’s not going to have to throw 40 times. They have an excellent running back tandem now in Jacksonville. Their offensive line is not terrible. Urban has been able to run the football from Bowling Green, to Florida, to Utah, and to Ohio State. Jacksonville’s running attack will be good, so I think they’ll control the line of scrimmage. JJ Watt is gone and a big part of the pass rush is gone in Houston, and that will help Trevor Lawrence. This is a weak defense, ball control, and Trevor and Urban are 1-0 to start their careers."

Zach Wilson

First Start: Week 1

First Win: Week 5 vs. Falcons (London)

“I say they start 0-4. C’mon, Robert Saleh going up against Belichick, Vrabel…I don’t think they can win Week 1 on the road against Carolina, a team that has really good offensive weapons. Remember, Denver doesn’t lose at home in September because of the high altitude. Atlanta is the first time you get a rookie head coach for the Jets AND the opponent, with Arthur Smith. The Jets have played in London before, they’re 1-0. You’ll have two rookie head coaches, Atlanta will have some win already and the Jets will be more desperate. I think they beat Atlanta in London.”

Check out the FULL video above to see when Colin thinks the rest of the first-round rookies will start and win for the first time.

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