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Colin Cowherd Releases His Way-Too-Early 'Blazing 5' NFL Picks For Week 1

Watch Colin Cowherd drop his WAY-TOO-EARLY Week 1 Blazin’ 5 on the five best NFL picks for the opening week.

Seattle (+3) at Indianapolis

“Seattle has the same coach, same quarterback, many of the same weapons; Indianapolis has a new quarterback and their best young receiver Michael Pittman has never worked with Carson Wentz. I think the Colts are going to be really good but I don’t know how good they're going to be in Week 1. Last year the Colts lost to the Jags in Week 1, so I would take Seattle and the points in Week 1.”

Philadelphia at Atlanta (1.5)

“You know Atlanta burns me every year but Atlanta actually got beat up last year. Atlanta now adds Kyle Pitts, and they get Arthur Smith, a really smart offensive mind as their head coach. They face a Philadelphia team at home and only have to give up 1.5 points. Atlanta is a really good bet. I think the Eagles made an egregiously bad hire at head coach.”

Dallas (+4.5) at Tampa Bay

“I would actually take Dallas +4.5 because that line is probably going to get bet up to about 5.5. Brady is going to curry a lot of the favor with the general public and people are going to say that the Cowboys are going to get blown out. Not in Week 1. When you win the Super Bowl, when you’re having parades, and when you’re throwing the trophy around, Week 1 you can be a little sluggish and you can have a little bit of a Super Bowl hangover in Tampa Bay. It’s hard to get guys motivated for Week 1 and Dallas’ offensive line and Zeke will be healthy Week 1. Dak has got a big new contract and he’s got a lot to prove.”

Los Angeles Chargers at Washington (WIN) (Pick’Em)

“I like the Chargers a lot but they have a brand new offensive line, a brand new coach, and they’re facing Ron Rivera’s defensive front which is OUTSTANDING. The Chargers are going to be really good but that is a tough opener. On the road, six-hour flight, veteran head coach, the system is already implemented, and you got Brandon Staley who is very good, but that’s a lot to chew off in Week 1.”

Cleveland at Kansas City (-4.5)

“This number is going to end up 5 or 6. This is the best number that you’re going to get. Kansas City is going to curry a lot of favor with the bettors, so I would take Kansas City -4.5.”

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