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Former Packers Player on Aaron Rodgers: 'He Loves Playing in Green Bay'

Colin Cowherd: “I’ve said this about Aaron Rodgers; California guy, dates celebrities, doing 'Jeopardy', is it possible that he’s just kind of over living in small-town USA, and in one year when his salary cap hit is $17 million not $38 million, he’s OVER Green Bay? Is that just possible?”

Leroy Butler: “Let me ponder that… NO. He loves it here. Remember, he was supposed to go one, he didn’t, and he went number 24. The Packers gave him the heir that he needs. For three years he sat behind Brett Favre and he learned two things – first thing was don’t throw interceptions, and don’t screw up your legacy. That’s why I think he will be the quarterback of the Packers. Legacy is everything with a rich history like the Green Bay Packers. I know I’m in the minority when I say he’s going to be the quarterback. The communication wasn’t very good for maybe the last year or so, a lot of people said it was because of the Jordan Love pick and some other few things, but as players we all think it’s about us, but they don’t change the GM every year, they just change the players and we just have to know that… I think it is fixable. This is the therapy session of a married couple and you gotta be honest with one another… I'm hoping that the word ‘legacy’ outdoes everything.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to former All-Pro Packers safety Leroy Butler join The Herd to explain why he thinks the Packers vs. Aaron Rodgers beef is ‘fixable’, and why he believes Rodgers ‘loves’ being in Green Bay.

Check out the segment above as Butler explains why he doesn’t think Rodgers would risk tainting his legacy with a legendary franchise just because he can’t get along with the general manager.

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