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Will Cain: Tim Tebow's Most Vocal Critics Are 'Racists'

Clay Travis: “I’ve never seen a reaction, a frenzy, like Tebow produces in the world of sports.”

Will Cain: “There’s a couple of reasons. The first two reasons create lovers and create haters. For whatever reason, wearing your religion on your sleeve creates ‘haters’ but it also creates ‘lovers’. I have nephews in Odessa, Texas and they love Tim because he was honest and open about his Christianity. It’s odd but it’s clearly one of the motivating factors behind why people hate him. It just is and I can’t really explain it. The other reason is this ‘wholesome’ image, independent of Christianity. People don’t like wholesome, they like bad boys… There’s an attraction to the ‘bad boy’ and not the ‘good guy’ that Tim Tebow is. Then his pro career after the Steelers win, that’s the ‘against all odds’, against the doubters story. That’s going to make people love and hate you as well. He wasn’t supposed to be this good, everybody has been dogging him. Then finally it’s race. The reaction the last two days has been 100% about race. His career and his reputation over his life has been about his religion, but the last two days has been about race. The bottom line is this – the people who are mad about Tim Tebow for getting an opportunity ‘because he’s White’ are racists. They just don’t see the world through anything but a lense of skin color, that’s just how they do it. At this point, we’re just going to have to start accepting that that’s who they are. They are racists and we need to start calling them out for what they are, RACISTS... Tim Tebow is like a Rorschach test, the ink-block. You see what you want to see in it, and the truth is that your reaction to Tim Tebow says more about YOU than it says about him. You are revealing who YOU are in your reaction to Tebow... They want to believe that it's literally too good to be true, and that it's fake. They want to believe it's a 'teleangelist' sitation that secretly Tim Tebow is taking down this 'too good to be true', 'good guy', 'whiolesome Christian' image. That would be their favorite story that came along in quite some time... I've never seen a crack in the facade and I've never seen that it's fake in any way." Full Segment Above)

Listen to Will Cain join Clay Travis to explain why he believes a lot of the vitriol in the sports media being directed towards Tim Tebow this week is based on racism, and why some of Tebow's most vocal critics who are trying to point out Tebow's 'White Privilege' in getting a contract with the Jaguars are actually the real 'racists' here.

Check out the segment above as Cain breaks down why Tebow has always been one of the most loved and the most HATED athletes of all time.

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