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Why the Packers Will Finish With the NFL's Worst Record in 2021

Why the Packers Will Be Picking First in the 2022 NFL Draft
Jason Smith: “You want a big hot take to start off the show? Looking at the difficulty of their schedule and knowing that the guy that they’ve had at quarterback for the past 12 years AIN’T gonna be there, don’t be surprised if the Green Bay Packers wind up picking FIRST in the NFL Draft in 2022… The Packers are a decent team but you are now going to play this season without Aaron Rodgers. You think about the Packers trying to navigate this season with Jordan Love or Blake Bortles, and you look at this schedule… I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re talking about a non-Aaron Rodgers year and the Packers are picking first, which is great because then it’s Sam Howell or Kedon Slovis, and you’re getting ‘that guy’ again, but seriously, this is what Aaron Rodgers means to the Packers. They have an EXTREMELY difficult schedule. You don’t know exactly how things are going to break but I’m pretty sure the Rams, Ravens, Browns, Vikings, Chiefs, Seahawks, and Cardinals are going to be really good, Washington is going to be pretty good, the Bears will have Justin Fields starting by then and they’re going to be pretty good, Joe Burrow is going to be in his fifth or sixth game with the Bengals at that point, GOOD LUCK if you’re the Packers. I would not be surprised if you saw the Packers picking first.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks the Packers will be picking first in the 2022 NFL Draft, as Smith thinks the combination of a daunting schedule coupled with the potential of an Aaron Rodgers-less season will make Green Bay the league’s biggest catastrophe.

Check out the audio above as Smith details why the Packers could soon be moving on from Rodgers for UNC quarterback Sam Howell, or USC quarterback Kedon Slovis with the no. 1 overall pick in next year’s Draft.

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