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Former Pro Bowl Tight End Says Tim Tebow Can Have Success With Jaguars

Colin Cowherd: “When Tebow says ‘I want to be a tight end’ I think ‘oh, boy, that’s a little disrespectful to the position.’ As a great tight end, you hear Tebow just wants to ‘try out’ as a tight end, what is your thought on that?”

Chris Cooley: “I don’t have any problem with it. First of all, Urban Meyer and Tebow are very close so it makes sense that Urban Meyer would give his guy a shot, Tebow is a heck of an athlete. When I look at this position and I watch it year in and year out there are 20 guys who are ‘good’, there’s 10 that are ‘outstanding’, but when you get to the two’s and three’s on a lot of teams there’s a lot of guys that in my opinion who shouldn’t be on the field, or are just filling a role. So can Tebow do that and kind of find his way into things? Maybe. We will find out. There’s a lot of nuance to the position.”

Cowherd: “A quarterback to tight end transitioning, I just think to myself ‘Tim Tebow, hand in the dirt, blocking a defensive end??’, that’s what comes to me, he better have his mouthpiece in. What will be the one or two things that we don’t talk about that he’s going to have to figure out?'

Cooley: “I just don’t know if you put Tim Tebow's ‘hand in the dirt’, it’s almost like all of these new quarterbacks coming in that have never played under center, you don’t transition him to a complete under-center quarterback. To me, he’s more of an H-back. If you want Tim Tebow to play tight end for you, he’s that ‘move’ position – you’re putting him in the slot every once in a while, you’re putting him in the backfield, you’re letting him kind of move around. You’re letting him stay in an up stance. As it comes to blocking, he’s got a lot to figure out there. Toughness I think Tebow has, so I appreciate that and think he will have a chance at that. When you start talking about simple footwork, leverage, understanding how defensive ends and outside linebackers play, where you want to put your hands on him, what your helmet placement needs to be – all of those little things that manipulate a defensive end are things that guys pick up over time. We will see. Maybe he can. I think he will be an okay route-runner, I think he’s athletic enough.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Chris Cooley, a former two-time Pro Bowl tight end with the formerly known Washington Redskins, join The Herd with Colin Cowherd to explain why he thinks Tim Tebow could actually see some success during his NFL comeback.

Check out the segment above as Cooley details why he doesn’t think the tight end position is very deep past the first-string players around the league anyway, and why Tebow could certainly find a role.

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