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Former Player Says It's 'Disrespectful' to Have Tim Tebow Back in the NFL

Colin Cowherd: “This feels very hokey and collegiate to me. Do you think the locker room buys into it?”

Greg Jennings: “I’m not certain. They have a young locker room, so that’s what gives me hope. If they were more of a veteran locker room then I would not think this would work... It wouldn’t come across great for a lot of veteran guys, so when you’re thinking about young guys they have to kind of embrace it because it is what it is, they don’t know any better… It’s not only going to be a lot of whispers in that locker room and within that organization, there’s going to be tons of chatter across the league… He’s always been a guy who has always trying to stay in that limelight and continue to pursue his dreams, his goals, his aspirations, all these bucket list things, and for this to be one of them just seems so disrespectful to the guys who are qualified and have played that position for so long and worked their tails off to try to earn a roster spot, and you don’t even consider them, you go to a guy who has not put his hand in the dirt, who you have not seen play at this level at that position, and you just GIVE him that opportunity. That is what the chatter is going to be about and it can cause rift.”

Listen to Greg Jennings, a former Pro Bowl wide receiver with the Green Bay Packers, join The Herd and explain why he thinks Tim Tebow’s shocking entrance back into the NFL may create some rift not only in the Jaguars locker room but across the league as well.

Check out the audio above as Jennings details why it’s ‘disrespectful’ for the Jaguars to sign Tebow.

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