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These Two NFL Teams Were Handed the League's Most Favorable Schedules

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Patriots and Browns both got ‘scheduling breaks’ in the wake of the league’s official calendar release on Wednesday night, as Colin is already penciling in both teams to hit their OVER bet in wins for the 2021 season.

Here is the Patriots schedule as follows:

Week 1: Dolphins
Week 2: @Jets
Week 3: Saints
Week 4: Bucs (Sunday Night Football)
Week 5: @Texans
Week 6: Cowboys
Week 7: Jets
Week 8: @Chargers
Week 9: @Panthers
Week 10: Browns
Week 11: @Falcons (Thursday Night Football)
Week 12: Titans
Week 13: @Bills (Monday Night Football)
Week 14: BYE
Week 15: @Colts
Week 16: Bills
Week 17: Jaguars
Week 18: @Dolphins

Here is the Browns schedule as follows:

Week 1: @Chiefs
Week 2: Texans
Week 3: Bears
Week 4: @Vikings
Week 5: @Chargers
Week 6: Cardinals
Week 7: Broncos (Thursday Night Football)
Week 8: Steelers
Week 9: @Bengals
Week 10: @Patriots
Week 11: Lions
Week 12: @Ravens
Week 13: BYE
Week 14: Ravens (Sunday Night Football)
Week 15: Raiders
Week 16: @Packers
Week 17: @Steelers (Monday Night Football)
Week 18: Bengals

Check out the FULL segment above.

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