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Colin Cowherd: All Signs Point to Aaron Rodgers Remaining in Green Bay

Colin Cowherd: “Green Bay signs a one-year deal with Blake Bortles – SETTLE DOWN. That’s an indictment of Jordan Love, that’s all that is. That’s telling you Aaron is older, he’s 37, he’s been hurt more than once, and they’re just telling you that Jordan Love isn’t ready. That’s not telling you that Aaron Rodgers is leaving. The Packers are only carrying two quarterbacks right now and need a third. It’s telling you that they don’t think Jordan Love is as good as Blake Bortles. Yesterday, John Kuhn, former fullback with the Packers came out and reiterated that Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay is ‘fixable’. Why is that noteworthy? Because John and Aaron are boys, and that is the third close friend/ally of Aaron Rodgers – AJ Hawk, James Jones – that have all used the word ‘FIXABLE’. You think it’s a coincidence?? They’re talking to Aaron. Also, the Packers' schedule came out. Five primetime games and six afternoon games equals 11 total National TV games, more than Dallas. The league always know what’s up. Remember when James Harden and the Rockets weren’t scheduled for Christmas? The league knew he wasn’t getting traded. The league knows something here. They have a sense that Aaron is not going anywhere… Three of Aaron’s closest friends are all using the word ‘FIXABLE’. It’s no coincidence.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks all signs are pointing to Aaron Rodgers remaining a Green Bay Packer for the foreseeable future, as Colin is not buying the rumors anymore that Rodgers could potentially be traded to a team like the Broncos or Raiders.

Check out the video above as Colin details the tell-tale signs of why Rodgers will be back as a Packer in 2021.

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