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Clay Travis: Adam Silver, Refs Won't Let LeBron James Lose Play-In Series

Clay Travis: “How desperate is the NBA for both Steph and LeBron to make the NBA Playoffs? I think they are MASSIVELY desperate for that to occur… The NBA doesn’t do itself any favors because it definitely does feel the most like the WWE… Over the course of a game, an NBA official has more control than a Major League Baseball umpire does. You can tell pretty easily if a ball or a strike should be called, and whether somebody is out at first or second base… I’m going to be honest with you. I think the NBA, which no one is watching – they just set their lowest all-time record, a 13% decline from last year which was previously the worst on record. I would bet almost every dollar that I have that’s there’s no way that the Lakers are going to miss the regular playoffs… The NBA HAS to have LeBron. If LeBron is not in the Western Conference Finals and the NBA Finals? Nobody else in the West is going to draw much interest… I don’t wanna say that Adam Silver is initiating ‘Code Red’, but the NBA is in such desperate straights that if LeBron like tweaked his ankle in a serious way and his season was over, I think Adam Silver would curl up in the fetal position and would just start crying. That’s how bad of a shape the NBA is in.” (Full Audio Segment)

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he thinks the NBA is downright desperate for LeBron James and the Lakers to advance out of dangerous play-in series, as a league already dealing with teetering television ratings can’t bear to witness an NBA Playoffs without its sport’s biggest draw.

The Lakers will play the Golden State Warriors in the ‘7 vs. 8 game’, and the loser will play the winner of the Spurs vs. Grizzles ‘9 vs. 10 game’. If the Lakers were to lose to the Warriors and then lose two straight games to the loser of the 9/10 game, they would be sent home.

Check out the audio above as Clay details why the NBA could go full ‘WWE’ with the fate of the Lakers’ opponents.

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