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Rob Parker Mocks Brad Stevens For 'Sucking Up' to Nets Before Their Matchup

Brad Stevens on Boston’s upcoming matchup with the Nets: “Those guys are the best of the best. Going into that, If I’m a fan and a general fan of the NBA I have a hard time seeing them lose, so we’re going to have to play great, play great together, and we’re going to have to be really, really sound on both ends of the floor.”

Rob Parker: “I don’t like it. I think it’s just coach-speak. I don’t know if he’s just trying to give his team an out or whatever, and that he doesn’t think they can win. I hate when coaches do that. We already know they’re talented but that’s why there are upsets in sports. The greatest moments in sports are upsets. HELLO, BRAD STEVENS, HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF AN UPSET?? DON’T MAKE IT LIKE WE LOOK AT A ROSTER AND LOOK AT A TEAM ON PAPER AND SAY WHOEVER IS SUPPOSED TO WIN, WINS. THAT’S NOT WHAT WE DO. YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO GO OUT AND TRY TO BE THE TEAM THAT BECOMES VICTORIOUS EVEN THOUGH EVERYTHING HAS BEEN STACKED AGAINST YOU. This is nonsense. ‘iF iM jUsT aN nBa fAn i wAnNa sEe tHe nEtS sTeAmRoLl eVeRyBoDy inClUdInG mY bOsToN cElTiCs tEaM wErE nOt tHaT gOoD, wE cAnT bEaT tHeM!’ They haven’t won jack! What have the Nets won! NOTHING. The Celtics have been in the conference finals three of the last four years, what have the Nets done?? STOP IT BRAD STEVENS.”

Listen to Rob Parker mock Celtics coach Brad Stevens for his overly complimentary remarks towards the Brooklyn Nets regarding their upcoming first-round series with his Boston team, as Stevens said he would ‘have a hard time seeing the Nets lose’ if he was looking at their series from the perspective of an NBA fan.

Check out the video above as Parker rips Stevens for appearing to give his team an ‘out' and make it seem like they have zero chance to compete with a team who hasn’t proven anything up to this point.

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